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Transportes Chevalier, Los Angeles
Tipo Shop & Service Point
Dirección Almagro, Los Angeles, Chile
Horario de atención
Télefono +56 600 360 0401
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Karen Soto - 2022-10-06

lousy service, they should not why ask for an invoice so that one can send to pay. it's just an assignment. pure waste of time

Marcelo “asistente Tecnoprotec” Vergara Burgos - 2020-03-12

Chevalier has a new address, nice place but without adequate parking... smaller spaces

Lorena Mabel Rivas Sobarzo - 2022-03-24

Horrible, it would be very helpful if they told me before coming to deliver today a gentleman dial came I was not there I told him I'm going to the shot, he told me mñna so I called him cm 7 times and he cut me off. I was 4 blocks away and Chevalier always walk cm yes, the world will end, terrible attention.

Raul Diaz - 2022-04-13

Terrible service the page says that it opens at 9 I arrive at the place and it's at 10 and it says don't insist, I explain that I come from the countryside I also asked for delivery to my home and they say that you only have to pick up at a branch it seems that people from here you don't want to work first and last time with chevalier.

Lissette Navarrete - 2021-07-31

Terrible, starting with those who answer the cell phone (when they answer it) I got my parcel 4 days ago (branch) and it happened to them, today I called and the woman told her this is here du parcel if she wants to send someone to look for it I told her it was from mulchen that's why she paid at home And he told me it is not that home delivery is not charged . It gave me a rage and worse because I do not have a vehicle More over I asked a while ago and it came out 7 thousand and now I got 13 thousand and even then they will not be able to come to leave me the wea as I requested