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TNT Lit Cargo Antofagasta
Tipo Shop & Service Point
Dirección Antofagasta, Chile
Horario de atención
Télefono +56 2 2360 5100
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Roberto Figueroa - 2020-07-23


Carolina Valdivia - 2018-08-26

Horrible attention, terrible communication between the same company, terrible treatment of the user

Ulceclin Eirl - 2018-09-05

Terrible service, poorly attended, they lost my order, other times I have had to rescue it in other directions, they do not give solutions a disgusting

Pedro Lobera - 2021-08-06

3 days have passed since my package arrived from Spain and they still haven't updated the status. I call to be able to communicate and see why it does not arrive and they do not answer, finally I will have to go to the branch that is at the other end of the city...

Rodrigo Ignacio - 2019-12-12

Bad attention from the receptionist, her words were, literally "I'm already bored, I want to go home, and there is so much work", My order arrived on Saturday the 7th, it was supposed to go out for delivery on Monday the 9th, I called on Tuesday the 10th and they told me that it was being delivered, today Thursday the 12th, I am at the headquarters, and they say they cannot find the product, and that he never left the winery, the receptionist says that he got tired of searching and that I have to leave and come back in 1 hour while the winemakers search, (I live 1 hour from the winery), and if they don't find it they will do the paperwork that is gave for lost (but in the System it says that it is in storage).