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Centro de Envío FedEx, Temuco
Tipo Shop & Service Point
Dirección Rudecindo Ortega, Temuco, Chile
Horario de atención
Télefono +56 2 2361 6000
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Esteban Gabriel Meza Guarda - 2022-05-02

Terrible service, the worst thing that has happened to me. Shipping from England-Chile was shipped on 04/7/22 and has not yet arrived. They say that the address was closed when it is a condominium with a concierge open 24 hours a day. then they sent back to stgo. but they never communicated by mail or phone call. I have called more than 4 times and my order still has not arrived. By far the worst transportation service. they do not give you solutions or are not able to communicate with you. What's more, they tell you that you have to pay more than the declared value, which is robbery. one has to be a fortune teller when the product arrives. The pages are not updated and you cannot track anything. executives tell you anything to keep you calm but they don't solve anything. I do not recommend it at all. unacceptable. and I'm still waiting.

María Cecilia Urrutia Sanchez - 2022-05-27

TERRIBLE SERVICE The package came with a hole of about 20 cm in the upper part, missing a hooded sweatshirt and a red diver's pants, supposedly where they put their hand

Edith Yaupi San Martín - 2022-04-20

Terrible service, fedex temuco, they sent me a product from Santiago to be delivered the next day and a week has already passed, zero responsibility, in the call center they deliver misleading information, a week after having "should have received my order" they say that fair today they sent it to my house, something totally misleading, they waste time, money and customers.

Pedro Javier Fuentes Leal - 2021-12-06

We made an import from Austria, we requested the EUR1 certificate to opt for the reduction of the customs tariff, due to mismanagement by Fedex they did not present it to Chilean customs and to this day they do not return the money, since obviously we had to carry out the entire of the payment to be able to withdraw the merchandise, additionally their rates are excessively high. To sum up; It is very expensive, they perform a lousy service, and when they should respond to the client, they do not, they leave an external company "LACRO" to solve this type of problem that is not capable of responding to endless emails sent. A total disaster, never to be repeated, anyone who wants to import with Fedex, please think twice and try to find another Forwarder company. I WOULD PUT ZERO STARS BUT I CAN'T...

Pili Urrutia R - 2022-03-07

We carried out an import of the 46 packages, not one arrived. After the insistence we received a package from another city and another person. There is no direct and local number to immediately notify the logistical error of the company. Answers are preset